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Located on the confluence of the Willamette and Clackamas Rivers in Clackamas County, Oregon City is a beautiful town of over 37,000 people. Divided into the upper part of town along the high bluff and the lower part of town along the Willamette, Oregon City is home to the country’s only outdoor municipal elevator, which is 130 feet tall. Known for its tourist attractions, such as the Museum of the Oregon Territory and the End of the Oregon Trail, Oregon City also has plenty of recreational opportunities given its proximity to the rivers.

As of May 2022, home prices in Oregon City are up nearly 12% and selling for a median price of $615,000. Many of AIC’s clients are drawn to this area because of the opportunities to buy land and build spec homes near the river or in the hills looking out over the Willamette Falls. We’ve also funded several remodel projects in the Historic District of downtown Oregon City. Whether you are looking to remodel a historic home or build new construction, AIC has programs that are specifically designed to meet your needs.

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“I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend Austin, Mike, and the AIC team. I have partnered with AIC on four projects in Portland and hope to partner on many more deals with them in the coming years. Mike and Austin always are true to their word and have empowered me to turn my investment vision into reality. AIC will be my lender of choice, and should be yours too.”

— Jordan Tietz

Why Investors Partner With AIC

Experience: Established 35 years ago, AIC has the knowledge and the skills to fund common-sense real estate loans in Oregon.

Personalized Service: Our small team of friendly experts tailor loans to the individual needs of our clients. Clients work with one person throughout the entire process to ensure a personalized touch.

Fast Funding: Our nimble team performs a variety of tasks in-house, such as underwriting and document-drawing, and we generally do not require an appraisal. Our process is easy and quick – we can usually close in 5-10 days if a complete file is provided.

No Junk Fees: AIC never charges any upfront fees or “junk fees” like document prep, underwriting, service fees, etc. We take pride in honest lending practices.

Competitive Rates: AIC provides both exceptional service and rates/fees that are competitive in the market.

No Draw Fees: AIC never charges any fees for construction draws or inspections. AIC typically processes construction draws the same day they are received.

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Are you new to real estate investment or private money lenders? AIC is always accepting quality loan requests for a variety of projects. Learn a bit about our process. Questions? Call us!

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Once we’ve determined your project is a good fit, we’ll send the loan application. AIC doesn’t request debt to income ratios, bank statements, or typical documents that ordinary lenders need. Simply apply with our easy form.

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We’ll open escrow once we have your application. You can sign at escrow and we’ll close and fund on the same day. It takes a few business days to receive the title report and to order loan documentation. Our process is streamlined and fast!

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ACH payments are our preferred method, due to their convenience, fast processing time, and security.

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