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Hillsboro, Oregon is a great real estate investment location. We should know! AIC has been serving the area for over 30 years. With a population nearing 105,000, Hillsboro is the fifth-largest city in the state and its growth is showing no signs of stopping. Planners are estimating that the city will account for much of the Portland area’s growth in the new few decades, and its population may reach 130,000 by 2040. Unlike Portland, Hillsboro has room to grow, too, the potential for new construction of single-family homes is huge. The city is planning a new development of 8,000 homes to be completed in 2036, and it will be the largest master-planned neighborhood in Oregon.

Hillsboro is a wonderful place for families and tech workers. Known for its thoughtful urban planning, Hillsboro has a light rail line that easily transports residents to Portland. It has great schools and high walkability scores. Its Orenco Station neighbor is a model of New Urbanism, and its residents enjoy the ability to work, live, recreate, and shop in one area. In the center of the so-called “Silicon Forest,” Hillsboro is home to a variety of large tech companies, such as Intel and Genentech, as well as other major companies like Salesforce and Nike. One of the most diverse suburbs in the area, Hillsboro attracts a wide variety of people, including high rates of younger people and those with degrees.

With its exceptional quality of life, strong economy, and comparatively affordable real estate, Hillsboro Oregon is primed for investment. At AIC, we focus on funding real estate investment projects including fix-and-flips and new spec home construction. Contact AIC so we can help secure funding for your next project!

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“AIC was introduced to me by another contractor who had used their services many times and I have to say I could not be happier that he introduced me to Austin. Their loan process was quick and easy to set up with full transparency. I look forward to working with AIC on many future projects to come.”

– Tim L.

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Experience: Established 35 years ago, AIC has the knowledge and the skills to fund common-sense real estate loans in Oregon.

Personalized Service: Our small team of friendly experts tailor loans to the individual needs of our clients. Clients work with one person throughout the entire process to ensure a personalized touch.

Fast Funding: Our nimble team performs a variety of tasks in-house, such as underwriting and document-drawing, and we generally do not require an appraisal. Our process is easy and quick – we can usually close in 5-10 days if a complete file is provided.

No Junk Fees: AIC never charges any upfront fees or “junk fees” like document prep, underwriting, service fees, etc. We take pride in honest lending practices.

Competitive Rates: AIC provides both exceptional service and rates/fees that are competitive in the market.

No Draw Fees: AIC never charges any fees for construction draws or inspections. AIC typically processes construction draws the same day they are received.

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