Lot Partitions

Lot partitions or confirmations across Oregon

Some AIC clients in Multnomah County have acquired homes in poor condition with the intention of demolishing them, then completing a lot confirmation and constructing new homes.

Other AIC clients have remodeled the existing home, then completed a lot partition to allow the construction of a new speculation home. AIC is uniquely positioned to help our borrowers take advantage of these types of situations.

Many lots originally platted in Multnomah County were 25 by 100 feet, but the standard was to construct homes on lots that were 50 by 100 feet. This has presented an opportunity for our clients. AIC has funded several projects that involved confirming the originally platted 25-by-100-foot lots, creating two building lots. AIC enjoys value-added real estate projects and we work with our clients to ensure they maximize the profit potential with any property.

Lot Partition Case Studies

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