AIC's Investments Offer an 11% Net Yield

Investments which are truly your own

Yes, you read that right…our first trust deed investments generally yield 11% net to you.

Interest is paid monthly by the Borrower, with maturities typically approximately two years. Your investment is secured by Oregon real estate. The investment is truly your own. We provide our entire investment file for your review, and all loan documents are drawn into your name directly. You receive title insurance, and if there are insurable improvements on the property, fire insurance is to be placed in your name, too.

Your Investment, Your Decision

Your investment will not be complicated or diluted by partners or fractional interests. You make the decisions about your investment. AIC will be by your side to assist you with a full array of Investor services, including payment-processing and accounting. We even handle providing IRS tax-reporting forms. You reap the benefits from our knowledge and proven 35-year track record originating first trust deed investments.

Contact AIC today if you are looking for a sound first trust deed investment! Our long history in this business and excellent client service provide you with the tools you need for investing success.

AIC Case Studies

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