Experienced Private Real Estate Investment Lenders

Our friendly and specialized services help you succeed.

AIC has made loans on virtually every type of real estate throughout Oregon in our 35-year history. With a common-sense, equity-based approach, AIC will analyze a project and tailor a loan to best suit our clients’ needs. We are always looking for quality loan requests that represent excellent opportunities and have the potential for success. Click below to learn more about what AIC does and view select local projects. 

Streamlined to create the most efficient process possible

Each loan structured around the specific merits of the project

Complete lot partitions or confirmations to create new building lots

Up to 65% loan to value

Typically a lower loan-to-value ratio

Funded on a case-by-case basis

AIC Real Estate Investment Case Studies

See the results that our private money loans and guidance have achieved

What Every Mortgage Investor Should Know

If you’re an investor in mortgages, trust deeds, or land contracts, read this free publication provided by AIC. 

What Every Mortgage Investor Should Know explains the basics you should know when considering this type of high yields investment. AIC wants you to avoid the pitfalls and understand what to look for in any first trust deed investment. 

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