Wilsonville Townhome Condo Construction

The client first purchased this property in 2016 and tore down the existing home on the property with plans to build 10 detached condominiums on a single tax lot. When the loan request was received by AIC, the client had already virtually completed 6 of the 10 homes, 3 additional homes needed insulation and sheet rock, and the final home had the foundation poured. The client – prior to submitting the loan request to AIC – had materials to complete the framing of the remainder home and finish the other six homes under construction. The plan was for each home built to fit the architectural style of homes that were found throughout the Willamette Valley in the very early 1900s. AIC was able to provide a loan for the refinancing of this enormous project that would generate profit for our client and add to the historic charm in the Wilsonville community.

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