Northeast Portland Remodel

Character and design details set this remodel project apart from others AIC has financed. This home started with vinyl siding and was stacked floor-to-ceiling with miscellaneous items. To everyone’s surprise, the detail of this phenomenal Northeast Portland home was hiding just under the siding. Once the siding was removed, we all knew this home was special. While cleaning out the home, AIC’s client found an early 1900s photo of this home and was set to restore it back to its original glory . . . and as you can see, that is exactly what he accomplished.

AIC thoroughly enjoys Portland remodeling projects and provides private-money loans that are tailored to your needs. AIC’s common-sense real estate loans are for bona fide business purposes and are not for personal, family or household purposes. We are always looking for high-quality loan requests that represent good value and have the potential for mutual success. AIC believes our Borrower clients must be successful for AIC and our Investor clients to be successful. The transaction must truly represent a win-win for everyone.

Private Money Lender Case Study By AIC Loans
North Portland Rehab Loan Case Study By AIC Loans
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Portland Fix & Flip Loan Case Study By AIC Loans

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