Eugene Spec Construction Loan

Most of AIC’s private-money loans are along the I-5 corridor, in places like Roseburg, Eugene, Salem and Portland. The Eugene-Springfield area is where AIC calls home and we love financing hard-money loans in our back yard. AIC has numerous spec-construction loans in process in both Eugene and Springfield, similar to the new construction shown here. This home was completed in South Eugene and features a wonderful and spacious floorplan, with the master suite on the main level and a host of high-end finishes. Unique features like decks that back up to a dedicated green space make homes like this very special.

With all construction loans AIC will require a line-item budget to complete the home, a comparative market analysis (CMA) to show the finished value and a copy of the building plans. All construction funds are held in a reserve account to be released as work is completed and draw-requests are submitted to AIC.

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