How To Be Successful in Real Estate Investing

April 28, 2022 By

Real estate investing is an exciting endeavor that has the potential to be highly lucrative. But it can also be challenging and risky, especially without the required due diligence. However, if you take the time to do some studying, you’ll be setting yourself up for success in this competitive industry.

Here are the actions that our top real estate investors swear by:

#1: Make a plan

This may seem obvious but you’d be surprised at how many newbies get into real estate without having a detailed plan. Taking the time to develop a well-crafted business plan lets you establish goals, both long- and short-term. It’s important to keep your eyes on these goals so you can handle difficulties and setbacks. A business plan will also keep you organized when you’ve got lots of balls in the air. Real estate is complex and your project will likely include different parties who are working on different tasks – often all at the same time! Another important thing to keep in mind as you plan? Your budget. Estimating costs and funding influxes is vital, especially when unexpected issues come up. With careful thought, you can allocate for these issues and overcome any challenges.

#2: Get educated

We don’t want to be preachy but it’s so important that you learn the ins and outs of real estate investing. We’d even go so far as to say you should be eating, sleeping, and breathing it! Staying current on laws and trends is vital. You don’t want to face legal obstacles by not following regulations, and you don’t want to sound uninformed when talking to potential clients and investors. Being knowledgeable gives others confidence in your abilities while ensuring you have the know-how to adapt to new trends, laws, and market cycles. This knowledge can also give you an advantage when markets shift because you’re more prepared to jump on new opportunities.

There are many opportunities to deepen your knowledge. HousingWire, BiggerPockets, and RoofStock are just some free resources out there. Consider webinars through sources like LinkedIn Learning. Set up Google alerts for market information in your area and spend some time each day browsing your go-to news sources.

#3: Understand the market

This goes hand in hand with education. You not only need an in-depth understanding of real estate investing in general but you need to know what’s going on in your local market. Being on top of new development projects, mortgage rates, unemployment rates, and neighborhood conditions gives you the information you need to make current and long-term plans. The better you know your local market, the better you’ll be at your job, whether being able to recognize an under-valued property to estimating rehab costs.

#4: Develop a vision

Investing is definitely about the numbers but there’s a certain amount of finesse that goes into it as well. The most successful investors have visions for their properties. They add value to projects and improve the assets in their portfolio. This vision often comes with experience but a deep understanding of the market and the area helps, too. For example, if homes in your market often have three bedrooms or one bathroom, adding an additional bathroom or bathroom will go a long way. If rentals are scarce, you might include an ADU or mother-in-law suite in a basement. By having a strong vision when you go into a project, you’ll be able to make stronger deals and add value without spending more than necessary.

#5: Network & get referrals

No one is an island! Developing a strong professional network can create so many opportunities. New investors often feel competitive and don’t want to rely on a support network but in reality, this can be the best way to learn, develop contacts, and find new business. Business is almost always about relationships. And relationships are what help you win bids, get good deals, and find properties first. Joining professional and industry groups is a great way to start networking. Make yourself open to meetings and activities and ask for meetings with others in your area. You might be surprised at how willing people are to share their experiences and provide advice.

Plus, keep your network (and profits!) growing by asking for referrals. Referrals are so important for expanding business. Make sure you treat your partners, clients, and associates with respect, and you’ll start to generate a reputation that will make others eager to work with you again and again.

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