Sanitation Approval Summary

In reviewing the sanitation approval documentation for the Two Lakes lots, it is helpful to understand how the present lot configuration was established. This property was originally subdivided in the early 1900s as Lake View. Lake View had many small lots, and the subdivision design did not adequately take into practical consideration the terrain, access and views. In 2005, owners of Lake View lots completed a replat of Lake View, renaming the Lake View project Two Lakes. You may review the final approval of Two Lakes by Lane County by clicking here. The replat turned Lake View's twenty-some lots into thirteen better designed and more appealing Two Lakes lots.

In looking at some of the sanitation approval documents and maps, it is helpful to know that some of the lot numbers referred to are from the Lake View plat and not the Two Lakes plat. This is particularly true for Two Lakes Lots 6-9, which in the documentation are referred to in some cases as Lake View Lots. For example. Lake View Lots 11 and 12 became Two Lakes Lot 6, Lake View Lots 13 and 13 became Two Lake Lot 7, Lake View Lots 15 and 16 became Two Lakes Lot 8, and Lake View Lots 17 and 18 became Two Lakes Lot 9. The reason for this confusion in the applications is that application was made for some lots prior to the 2005 completion of the Two Lake replat of Lake View. Sorry for the confusion.

One additional piece of information is helpful in reviewing the Lane County sanitation documents for Two Lakes Lot 6. Application was made, test pits were dug and the site review was made before the sanitarian engaged to obtain sanitation approval understood that there was a neighbor's new well located near the northeasterly boundary of Lot 6. The reason this is relevant is that the santitation site designated on Lot 6's application was denied because it was too close to the location of the neighbor's new well, not because the soils or site was otherwise unacceptable. The sanitiation site will need to be located further west on Lot 6 to be approved, and the owner simply has not made new application for the revised site. There is no expectation the new site will be denied.

It has also been suggested by an experienced sanitation system installation professional that a small community system could easily and affordably be designed and installed to serve these Two Lakes lots. Although no specific design has been made, it may be helpful to keep this option in mind.

Lane County sanitation approval documentation for Two Lakes Lots 6-9
Lane County sanitation approval documentation for Two Lakes Lots 10-13